Which is best for you? Running or Walking

Which is best for you Running or Walking

Running and walking are both popular ways to perform cardio workouts but the question arises that which is best for you running or walking?

This both are best cardio workouts on their own but it depends on individuals which they should prefer according to their health and fitness goals.

There are some health benefits which we get from both running and walking exercises that include:

Helps to lose weight

Maintain a healthy weight

Increases stamina

Enhances the immune system

Helps prevent aging conditions

Strengthens your heart

Can extend your life

It is also good for your mental health

Also reduces anxiety and depression

It can also improve your mood and self-esteem

Which is the best walking or running?

Walking may burn fewer calories but your body remains active for the time duration to travel the distance.

Same way while running your body may burn more calories than it was burning in walking but the time duration is less where your body is in active state for the same distance.

So it can be said that walking can provide the same health benefit that of running.

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Who should not perform running exercise?

Running is a high impact exercise which can be difficult to perform for your body compared to low impact exercises like walking.

While performing high impact exercise there are chances of injury and more stress on the body – especially on joints.

So running exercise should not be performed when:

Pain in joints or arthritis problem

Heart problems or breathing problem

If aged or old people perform it may cause them injury

It is best to ask your doctor if you are on some medications or any medical conditions

Walking or running for fat loss

Running for fat loss

Running is a more intense exercise than walking, which means that you will burn more calories and fat while working out.

According to the studies, high-impact exercises like running can be more effective in burning some types of fat and also help to increase your metabolic rate and stay on longer when compared to walking.

It can also facilitate the oxidation of fat in the muscles, thereby breaking the fat more efficiently.

Walking for fat loss

Running is considered to be a high impact sport, so it can be hard on your joints. This can be problematic for those who are obese or overweight because the excess weight will affect your knees and ankles.

When it comes to people who are overweight, Walking can be a better long-term plan to burn fat. However, low-to-medium exercise does not burn fat as high-intensity workouts as quickly as possible.

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