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Why one should weight gain?

Weight Gain Tips
  • There are some natural ways to gain by following some healthy diet or by simply following weight gain tips that will help you to gain weight naturally.

  • If you are a skinny person or underweight it is worse or unhealthy for your health that indicates risk of developing health issues like fractures, unhealthy immune system, infections, and can also be the rationale for early deaths.

  • A solution to the present drawback is often solved by gaining some weight naturally it suggests that to consume more calories than you need.

  • Now here some individuals might imagine that eating junk foods everytime like burgers, pizza, donuts etc. will help them to consume more calorie, affirmative it will increase your calories, however, in addition, it will conjointly hurt your body by not providing the desired nutrients for your body.

Here are some diet tips to gain weight in a healthy way:

1. Eat more calories:

Anything we eat in our daily lifestyle contains some calories in it count on your calculation as per BMR ratio (Basal Metabolic Rate) which can be calculated online from BMR calculator by submitting your height, weight, and all measurements of your body it will give you the figure of calorie that you will require throughout your day.

Now you have to increase or decrease this calorie as per your requirement to gain weight increase 250-300 calorie and to lose weight decrease the calorie with 250-300 as your requirement.

2. Eat high protein foods:

Weight Gain Tips| What?| How?| Natural Health,high-protein-food
High Protein Foods
Protein is the most important nutrient to gain healthy weight and increase muscle mass in your body. Intake of high protein diet for increasing calories, the extra calorie of protein turns into muscle and extra calories of carbs may further grow into fat if not burned those extra calories.

If you want to gain weight your protein intake should be 1g to 1.5g of protein per your body weight in a kilogram.

High protein foods include Diary products, Legumes, Nuts, Fishes, Eggs, Chicken, Meat, Beef. If you are a vegetarian guy you can include protein supplements in your diet. 

3. Have Six meals per day:

Weight Gain Tips| What?| How?| Natural Health,six-meal-per-day
Six meals per day
Six meals include 3 big meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 3 small meals as a snack in between the big meals.

This meal should include healthy and calorie-rich foods.

Often eating three to four hours helps in maintaining the level of energy continuously in your body. A divided portion of food is not large, so there is no fat gain.

4. Eat plenty of high Carbs and Healthy Fats:

As a high protein diet is harder to eat and complete their calories because of 1g protein= 4 calories. The required calories you can add high carbs and healthy fats to complete the required amount of calories because of 1g carbs= 4 calories and 1g fats= 9 calories, It will easily surplus your required amount of calories.

5. Include weight Gainer Shakes:

Weight Gain Tips| What?| How?| Natural Health,Weight-gainer-shakes
Weight Gainer Shakes
As the name indicates weight gainer shakes are made of high calories by blending Greek yogurt or milk with oats, eggs, fruits, berries etc. and always a quick and easy way to prepare and it tastes delicious for those who are bored eating chicken, beef, meat.

These shakes are filled full of healthy nutrients like protein, Carb, fats and contains high calories.

6. Exercise, Yoga or Workout:

Exercise, Yoga or workout is also necessary as your diet to build your muscle mass, strength and provide conditioning to your body. Also will help you to feel relax and stress-free.

7. Get Quality Sleep:

Enough Sleep in our daily lifestyle as always played an important role in fitness, health, and well-being. It has always been said that when we sleep our body grows.

A person needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep for maintaining their fitness health because when we sleep our body enters the stage of repair mode in which our body repairs the muscle breakdown, gives relief and makes you feel relief and strong when you get up from sleep.

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