Top 6 best back workouts for a beginner

Top 6 best back workouts for a beginner

Top 6 best back workouts for a beginner

Back is a larger muscle like chest and legs in a human body with small muscles group, so if you want to develop a thick, dense and V-shaped back you need proper mind-muscle contractions.

Secret tip to develop proper mind muscle contraction you need to focus on your movements and motions with a moderate amount of weights.

Beginners sometimes cannot contract their back muscles or work on their back muscles because they cannot feel or see their muscles in the mirror and don’t know which muscles they are working out for.

So it is important to develop muscles mind connection for every muscle you are working for.

Talking about back anatomy first which can be divided into three parts as shown below:

Upper back muscles
Rhomboids major and minor
Teres Major

Middle back muscles
Lower trapezius
Latissimus dorsi

Lower back muscles
Lower lats
Erector Spinae

So to get a perfectly thick, dense and V-shaped back you need to work on these muscles with different exercises for different back muscles.

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Here are some of the top 6 best back workouts for a beginner that they should master first.

Before every workout, you need to perform some warm exercises up to avoid any kind of injuries before performing back workout.

Choose a weight that allows you to reach muscle failure by the target representative listed in the back workout.

1. Pull-ups or chin-ups

Pull-ups or chin-ups, back workout for a beginner

The pull-ups are done with both hands on a bar with an overhand (or prone) grip which is slightly wider than the width of the shoulder and chin-ups are done with supinated (underhand) grip with both the hand on a bar at shoulder width.

The pull-ups usually use the shoulder joint, where the elbow movements contract your back muscles. Chin Ups, on the other hand, use the extension of the shoulder, where the elbow comes downwards and the back from the front.

Both pull-ups and chin-ups work for an upper back as primary muscles and biceps as secondary muscles.

For beginners, it could be hard or though you need to start from somewhere, you can try it on your own or ask for little support from your gym partner and slowly you will master it.

Pull ups and chin ups develops your strength and strong back muscles so it is the best back workout for a beginner.

2. One-arm dumbbell row

One-arm dumbbell row, back workout for a beginner

One-arm dumbbell row workout works for lower mid back muscles called lats (lower latissimus dorsi with the main help of the rhomboids and trapezius.

Put the right foot over the end of the bench, bend your torso ahead of the waist until your upper body is parallel to the floor, and you can keep your right hand on the other end of the bench for support.

Use the left hand to take a dumbbell from the floor and hold the weight while keeping your lower back straight.

Now keeping your whole body and arms locked move your elbow back so that your palm is facing to your torso.

Focus on squeezing the back muscles after reaching the full contracted position. Also, make sure the force is done with the back muscles and not with the arms.

Repeat the movement for the specified amount of repetition and after that switch the sides and repeat again with the other hand.

3. Straight-arm cable pulldowns

Straight-arm cable pull-downs, back workout for a beginner

In a back workout, doing straight-arm cable pulldown muscles involved are lats, upper back, rear delts, and triceps.

Start by holding the wider bar in the top pulley of a pulldown machine and using the overhand grip little wider than the shoulder-width.

Step little backward from the machine till your arms extend fully with slightly bend elbows, shoulder backward, chest fully stretched, and bend your torso around the waist at around 30 degrees.

Now, pull the bar down by letting the lats down until your hands are next to the thighs and return back keeping the arms straight, breathing back into the initial position.

Repeat for the recommended amount of repetition.

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4. Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown, back workout for a beginner

Wide-grip lat pulldown mainly targets the upper lats (Latissimus dorsi) and secondary muscles as teres major, teres minor, rear delts, and trapezius.

Choose your weight and drag it, sit on a lat pull-down machine, so that your thighs remain locked under support.

Hold the bar with a prone (overhand) grip, spread your hands according to your shoulder-width or you can go wider.

Drag the bar down with your elbow, not with your biceps towards your body until the elbows are in line with your torso and then slowly move the bar back to the starting position in control. Don’t arch your back or spine.

Extend your arms completely on the return and keeping your torso still.

If you feel that your biceps are contracting and your back is not active, then consider using a false grip (i.e. don’t use thumb around the dumbbell while gripping).

Repeat this motion for a fixed amount of repetition.

5. V-Bar pulldown

V-Bar pulldown, back workout for a beginner

V-bar pulldown is somewhat similar as wide grip lat pulldown which targets mid-upper back muscles and lats.

In V-bar pulldown instead of a straight bar, V-bar attached to the top pulley is used so it is known as V-bar pulldown

Adjust the knee pad of the machine to fit according to your thigh. These pads will prevent your body from being lifted by the resistance associated with the bar.

Hold V-Bar with palms facing each other (a neutral grip). Take your chest out and lean slightly behind so that the lats can be better attached.

Using your lats, keeping your torso stable, pull down the bar while squeezing the blade of your shoulder. Continue till your chest does not touch nearly v-bar.

Repeat for a fixed number of repetition.

6. Hyperextension (Back extension)

Hyper-extension (Back extension), back workout for a beginner

Hyperextension is an exercise that works mainly for erector spine in which other muscles also includes the lower and upper back.

Lay down the ankles of your feet safely under the sidewalk on a hyperextension bench.

If possible, adjust the upper pad so that your upper thighs become flat on the wide pad, so that you get enough space to bend at the waist without any restriction.

With your body straight, cross your arms in front of you and keeping your back flat, start bowing down slowly to the waist. When you do this movement then you do inhale.

Do not curve your back at any time while doing this exercise. Slowly bring your torso back to the starting position, as soon as you breathe.

Don’t add too much heavy weight or swing fast to prevent your back from injuries.

Anyone can perform this exercise to get relief from lower back pain or stretching back muscles so it is the best back workout for a beginner to perform.

Repeat for the recommended amount of repetition.

The above 6 exercises are basics of back workout that can be performed by a beginner to make it advance many variations for a back workout are available.

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