Top 5 best leg workout for a beginner

Top 5 best leg workout for a beginner

Top 5 best leg workout for a beginner, Legs can be one of the hardest body parts for beginners to train, So many beginners try to skip to train their legs muscles.

In terms of workout, a beginner should focus on some basic things. You want to train each leg muscles individually which ensures the development of proper symmetry muscle group.

The imbalance can throw the quality of your larger, more complex lifts down the road. You also want to train side-to-side which is important for the prevention of injury to small stabilizer muscles.

The most important thing is that you want resistance training moves in your main chain to kill your muscles like your quads and hamstrings – because they create the most force in your body.

If you find that your muscles are getting addicted to loading or intensity, try mixing them in any of the best bodyweight exercises for men. And when you feel confident in achieving your strengths and lifting capabilities.

Before going to the best leg workout for beginner lets talk about the anatomy of legs muscles.

Leg muscles are the bigger muscles with a many smaller group of muscles just like chest and back.

So let’s focus on the main small groups of muscles like:

Quads (Front side of legs)

Top 5 best leg workout for a beginner, quads, Legs anatomy

Rectus Femoris

The word rectus is a Latin word that is “straight”. Thus rectus femoris received its name because it directly runs under the thigh.

Rectus Femoris is a large part of the muscle that is located in the superior, anterior middle compartment of the thigh and is the only muscle in the quadriceps group crossing the hip.

Vastus Intermedius

It is located in the Center, under the rectus femoris in the anterior compartment of the thigh and each side of it: Vastus medialis and Vastus Lateralis, respectively.

Vastus Laterallis

This muscle is located on the lateral side of the thigh.

Vastus Mediallis

This muscle is located just above or the upper part of the patella (Kneecap).

Hamstrings (Back side of legs)

Top 5 best leg workout for a beginner, hamstrings, Legs anatomy


Semitendinosus is one of the three muscles of the hamstring which is located behind the thigh and at the medial aspect.


Semimembranosus is located at the depth of the semitendinosus muscle of the thigh.

Bicep femoris

Biceps femoris is a muscle behind the thigh and lies in the posterolateral aspect divided by two heads, which is called ‘long head’ and ‘short head’.


Calves consist of two muscle group gastrocnemius(Lateral head, Middle head and Tendon head) and soleus.

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Here are the top 5 best leg workout for a beginner:

Bodyweight squats

Top 5 best leg workout for a beginner, bodyweight squats, Legs anatomy

Keep your legs separate about the width of the shoulder and slightly out with your weight in your heel.

Bend your hips forward and keep your hips back in the squat. Turn your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Drive straight through your heels to stand up. Squeeze your butt up and keep your core tight while standing.

After you master this exercise you can add weights with barbell on your traps or rear shoulder for more resistance.

Dumbbell Lunges

This exercise has a movement that requires a lot of balance, so if you are suffering from balance problems then you either want to avoid it or you can use your own bodyweight in the beginning.

Hold your torso with your hands holding two dumbbells with your hands. This will be your starting position.

Lean your right foot forward and move your upper body downwards, while keeping the back straight and maintaining balance. So that your thighs are parallel to the ground and do not allow your knee to move forward with your toes because it will put inappropriate stress on the knee joint.

As soon as you go down, breathe out.

Push up mainly using your forward leg’s heel, and go back to the starting position while breathing.

Repeat the movement for the recommended amount of repetition and then perform with the left foot.

Note: Certainly do not perform with a barbell on your back if you are suffering from balance issues.

Leg extensions

Top 5 best leg workout for a beginner, leg extension

This exercise is performed on a leg extension machine.

First of all, choose your weight (Lightweight for beginners) and keep the pad on your feet on the machine and hands on the sidebar. This will be your starting position.

Also, make sure that your legs make an angle of 90 degrees throughout the range of motion of legs. If the angle is less than 90-degrees, it means that the knee is above the toes, which in turn produces an inappropriate tension on the knee joint.

Using your quadriceps, increase your feet to the maximum as you breathe. Make sure that the rest of the body remains steady on the seat. Hold a second on the contracted position.

Now gradually lower your legs into the original position, so make sure you do not go beyond the 90-degree angle.

Repeat for the recommended time.

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Lying leg curls

Top 5 best leg workout for a beginner, hamstrings, lying leg curl

This exercise is performed on a machine. Adjust the machine lever to fit your height and lie on the leg curl machine with the liver pad (a few inches below the calves) behind your feet.

Keeping the torso flat on the bench, make sure that your feet are completely stretched and hold the machine hand side handle in the front.

Keep your toes straight. This will be your starting position.

When you breathe out, curl upwards, as far as possible, without lifting the upper leg of your feet on the pads, contract, and hold it for a second.

As you breathe in, bring the legs back to the starting position. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetition.

Note: Do not put too much weight on exercise as a beginner so that you can swing and jerk because you can take the risk of lower back injury and hamstring injury.

Standing calf raises

Top 5 best leg workout for a beginner, calf exercise, standing calf raises

Adjust the padded liver of the calf lifting machine to fit your height.

Place your shoulders under the provided pads and keep your toes forward. The balls of your feet should be secured on the top of the calf block, with high heels.

Now stretch your hips and knees up to the liver until your torso does not stand straight. This will be your starting position.

Raise your ankles and breathe your ankles as much as possible and squeeze your calf. Make sure the knee is kept constant at all times. Should never bow down. Hold back the contract before starting to return.

As long as you pull the calves, while moving the ankles, bend your heel down and slowly return to the starting position.

Repeat for the recommended amount of repetition.

Note: If you are suffering from lower back problems, then a better exercise is sitting calf raises because during lifting a standing calf, it is necessary to support the lifting of the back. Also, keep your back straight and stable at all times.

So above 5 exercises for leg workout for a beginner are easy to learn and can be performed by a beginner.

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