The basic grocery shopping list of healthy foods

Basic grocery shopping list of healthy foods

To be healthy you must eat healthy foods everyday so here we have made a basic grocery shopping list of healthy foods you must include in your daily diet.

This shopping grocery list of healthy foods will guide you through some of the healthy foods that you may miss or forget to add them to your shopping list.

Healthy foods will help you to provide intense energy, keep your body active, healthy mind and prevent many viral diseases to your body.

Having a well-planned basic shopping grocery list or checklist will quickly get you out of the store and helps you stick to your healthy eating plans.

Basic grocery shopping list of healthy foods that you should include in your daily diet.


10 Foods that you can eat a lot without getting fat Legumes

Legumes are not only inexpensive, but they are a great source of protein and fiber.

Serving legumes (beans, peas, peanuts, and lentils) four times a week can reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 22 percent. The same healthy eating habits can also reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Every pantry should contain lentils, chickpeas, beans, and peas. They are great sources of vegetable protein and are rich in fiber. Clinical studies have shown that legumes can prevent diabetes due to their low glycemic index.

Also, they are rich in soluble fiber and resistant starch which pass through your stomach and small intestine until they reach your colon, where they feed your friendly gut bacteria.

Green Veggies

Green Veggies, Basic grocery shopping list of healthy foods

Green veggies include Kale, spinach, broccoli, green beans, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cucumber, capsicum, tomatoes, etc.

Green veggies are high in antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial which helps to maintain your healthy weight as well as prevent your face from acne and pimples.

Green leafy vegetables mainly contain lutein and zeaxanthin which can help prevent stroke, heart disease, and breast and lung cancer. Vegetables that have the highest amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin include kale and spinach.

In addition to that green veggies also helps in health benefits such as improves metabolism, keeps your body hydrated, improves eyesight, etc. so you should include any of the green veggies in your basic shopping grocery list.


Fruits, Basic grocery shopping list of healthy foods

Fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals and for their role in preventing vitamin C and vitamin A deficiency. Those who eat the fruit as part of an overall healthy diet generally have a lower risk of chronic diseases.

Fruits include any of this which are available such as apples, banana, grapes, avocado, oranges, berries, kiwi, pineapple, watermelon, etc.

The nutrients present in fruits are important for the daily health and maintenance of your body. Potassium in fruits may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Also, it can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones and may help reduce bone loss according to your age.

Folate (folic acid) in some fruits helps the body to make red blood cells. Therefore 2 cups of fruits are recommended each day, depending on how many calories you need.

Bread and cereals

Breads and cereals

Bread and cereals made with whole grains provide healthy carbohydrates source for our body to keep you energetic to do your whole day work.

Foods such as bread and cereals made with whole grains are high in GI(Glycemic Index) that are quickly digested and absorbed resulting in a rapid rise in blood sugar levels.

This mainly includes whole wheat bread, oats, porridge, wholewheat biscuits, muesli, quinoa, rice, barley, popcorn, etc.

Whole grain bread and cereals can be an effective part of a weight loss program due to the high amount of fiber present in them.

Whole grains take longer to digest and create a feeling of fullness, which discourages overeating. Also, they are naturally low in saturated fat and contain beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids.

High protein foods

10 Foods that you can eat a lot without getting fat Lean meats

Healthy protein foods include eggs, paneer, fish, tofu, chicken, turkey, beef, tuna, salmon, etc.
Protein sources are building blocks of muscles which also provide strength to your muscles, so it is must be always in your basic grocery shopping list.

In addition to it, these foods also contain omega-3 acids which have many health benefits.

Eating a required amount of protein will provide you with many health benefits such as improves your metabolism, increases fat burning, reduces your appetite and cravings, strengthens your bones, increases your injury healing abilities and much more.

Dairy products

10 Foods that you can eat a lot without getting fat cottage cheese

Dairy products include milk, cheese, yogurt, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, butter (which doesn’t contain hydrogenated oil).

Dairy products are rich in protein and vitamin D which contributes to bone health. Due to its high protein, vitamin D and calcium content, dairy foods are a good option for maintaining strong bones.

Calcium in milk is easily absorbed and used in our body, which is why milk and dairy foods are reliable as well as economical sources of calcium.

Probiotics in yogurt can increase good bacteria in the intestine which improves health and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Healthy beverages

Healthy beverages, Basic grocery shopping list of healthy foods

Healthy beverages include coconut water, sparkling water, herbal tea, smoothies, red wine hot cocoa, etc.

It can be easy to include extra-calorie drinks in the diet, so it is equally important to consider the nutritional value of the drink and to choose nutritionally-rich options.

Red wine and tea contain important antioxidants such as resveratrol and catechin. When making healthy decisions, it is good to know that these drinks provide health benefits in addition to taste.



Condiments are foods that enhance the flavor when added to another food which includes sugar, salt, herbs and spices, pepper, garlic, honey, mustard, apple cider vinegar, stevia, etc.

Species and vinegar added to the salads and green veggies enhance their flavor which makes it easier and tastier to eat any food.

As well, the condiments have their health benefits.

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Dark chocolates and nuts

Dark chocolates and nuts, Basic grocery shopping list of healthy foods

Dark chocolates when eaten one-quarter ounce per day can reduce blood pressure in healthy individuals.

Cocoa powder n dark chocolates are rich in flavonoids, antioxidants have been shown to reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol and increase “good” HDL levels.

Nuts include almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, etc all are a source of healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that can be eaten as healthy snacks

It will also help reduce your cravings towards many sugary and junk foods and keep you away from those types of foods.

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These were the foods that a basic grocery shopping list of healthy foods should contain.

Creating your basic grocery shopping list will help you stick to your nutrition goals without wasting any time and money.

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