9 Impressive health benefits and facts of apricot

9 Impressive health benefits and facts of apricot

Health benefits of apricot

Health benefits of apricot give relief from constipation, strengthening of bones, promoting metabolism, treating ear pain, treating skin conditions, treating anemia, combating asthma, promoting eye health, fever treating, improving blood quality, and improving cardiovascular health.

About apricot

Health benefits and facts of apricot

Apricot has been so popular throughout history that due to their unique organic compounds, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they can be directly linked to health benefits.

Apricot scientifically known as Prunus Armenia is a nutritious fruit that comes from the rosacea family that can be consumed directly or can be eaten as dry fruit. They are also used in preparing various juices, jam, squash, and jelly.

They are usually yellow or orange in color on one side with a slight red tingling of light.

Apricot oil can also be obtained from its kernel and it has a huge range of health benefits.

So here are some health benefits of apricot described in detail.

9 Impressive health benefits of apricots

Heart health

A high amount of vitamin C, as well as potassium and dietary fiber, all contribute to good heart health.

Potassium regulates blood pressure and reduces bad cholesterol (LDL), thus reducing the risk of heart attack and improves cardiovascular health.

Apart from this, the amount of potassium in the fruit balances the electrolyte level in our system, which keeps our heart muscles in place.

While dietary fiber scraps extra cholesterol from the lining of the blood vessels and arteries, making them clean and release pressure from the heart.

It also reduces cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke because they are rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C and lycopene.

Research has found that people who eat foods rich in vitamin C are less likely to have heart problems.

Reduce constipation problems

Apricots are rich in fiber and therefore, are good for smooth and proper bowel movements.

Considering that the retinol is soluble in fat in the apricot, the fruit dissolves easily in the body, and the vital nutrients are easily absorbed by the system it breaks the food in the digestion process.

The fiber content in apricot stimulates gastric and digestive juices, which help in the breakdown of food for absorption of nutrients and easy processing.

In addition, the fiber also activates the contractional motion in the sequential circles of the digestive tract and controls the activities of smooth muscles that control your bowel movement.

Therefore, patients are often recommended for apricots, which regularly suffer from constipation and irritable bowel syndrome due to their laxative properties.

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Treatment of anemia

Anemia is nothing but an iron deficiency in the body, and it can be a weakness, fatigue, illness, digestive problems, and general metabolic disorders.

Without red blood cells, the body can not properly re-oxidize itself, and maladaptation in organ systems starts.

Iron and copper in apricot help in the formation of abundant hemoglobin (Red blood cells) and thus help in the treatment of anemia.

Both of these minerals are present in apricot, which makes them a great tool to promote metabolism and to work properly for the body.

Bone health

Calcium deficiency leads to bone disorder, which is called osteoporosis, in which the bone density and strength are low.

Calcium is needed in the growth and development of bones, and there is a lot of quantity in the apricot.

It is also interesting to note that without sufficient potassium in the body, calcium is not absorbed and disposed of equally.

Apricot contains significant amounts of all the minerals needed for the development of bones such as calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, and copper.

The absorption, distribution, and emission of calcium in our body is controlled by potassium. Thus, eating apricots helps in maintaining the health of bones and is protected from bone problems.

So, eating apricots on a daily basis can help to increase the health of your bones and help you get rid of many diseases related to the bone like osteoporosis.

Improves metabolism

The level of fluid in the whole body is mainly dependent on two minerals, potassium, and sodium.

A high amount of potassium in the apricot is present to maintain fluid balance in the body and to ensure that the energy is properly distributed in the limbs and muscles.

By maintaining a healthy balance of electrolytes, you can keep more energy, reduce convulsions, pump blood flow and use energy through your body you need it.

Treatment of fever

Apricot juice is often given to patients suffering from fever because it provides vital vitamins, minerals, calories, and water to the body, while it also detoxes your organs.

Its soothing and anti-inflammatory substances can affect the body’s overall temperature level as well as in the disease.

Treat skin disorders

Apricots are excellent sources of B vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and lycopene which make it beneficial for our skin’s health.

Apricot oil is good for skin care which is quickly absorbed by the skin to maintain the smooth and bright appearance of the skin.

It also helps in the treatment of many skin diseases such as eczema, itching, itching, and many other nervous conditions. Its antioxidant property helps stop the signs of aging before prematurely.

Relieves asthma symptoms

Apricots have some expectorant and stimulating properties due to its essential oils which helps to overcome pressure and stress on the lungs and respiratory system that can prevent an asthma attack, tuberculosis, and bronchitis.

Beneficial for eyes

Apricot is rich in vitamin A, also known as retinol which is very beneficial for our eye health.

Consumption of apricot helps strengthen the optic nerves in our eyes and it also prevents macular degeneration.

This reduces the risk of a major eye-related disease called neovascular ARMD – an age-related macular degeneration which causes vision loss in years. Vitamin A retinitis with carotene and lutein is beneficial for people with pigmentosa.

Interesting facts of apricots

  • In Latin, apricot means “precious“, a name is earned because it matures earlier than other summer fruits.

  • Nobody knows the true origin of apricot. Some say that this has arisen in Armenia, some claim to China and some claim to be India.

  • In America, approximately 95% of apricot is produced in California which is the largest producer.

  • Apricot trees usually give fruit for 20-25 years.

  • Apricot does not contain saturated fats, sodium or cholesterol.

  • Apricots have been grown around for more than 4,000 years.

  • Refrigerating apricots will dramatically impair their ripening process. Leave them out at room temperature until they are ripe, then refrigerate them.

  • Dried apricots contain more than 40 % sugar in it.

  • Three and a half ounces of dry apricots can supply four million grams of beta carotene.

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