7 Best ways to get rid of belly fat fast

Best ways to get rid of belly fat

Belly fat (fat around stomach area) is not just a problem because it looks bad. It is also associated with many health issues and diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

This is because the “intestine” fat cells actually make hormones and other substances that can affect your health.

For this reason, decreasing belly fat is necessary for your health which can also help you live longer.

There is no such medicine which can specifically target your belly fat, But there are some of the natural and best ways to get rid of belly fat.

If there is too much fat around your stomach or waist, then you should take some steps to get rid of it, even if you are not too heavy overall.

Here are some best ways to get rid of belly fat fast you can follow:

1. Track your food:

Track your foods by counting calories of foods that you are eating and how much calories you need to reach your daily calories limit.

Eating foods without knowing what are you eating, how much calories you need and how much calories that foods contain, will definitely increase your belly fat rather than decreasing it.

This does not mean that you need to weigh and measure everything for the rest of your life, but doing it for a few consecutive days can help you to feel where you need to make a change.

If you don’t know how much calories are eating and which foods contain how much calories, there are many free calories calculators online on the internet that will help you achieve your goals.

It’s better to measure your waist size by measuring tape or belly fat by fat calipers so you know what to eat and how much to eat.


2. Including healthy fats:

You can include olive oil (unsaturated fats) instead of butter (saturated fat). In addition to enhancing your cholesterol level, saturated fats also pack more viscous fats than unsaturated fats.

Also, you can include polyunsaturated fats that contain in nuts, fish and flax seeds which will help you to increase your muscle mass and decrease your belly fat.

Healthy fats can help you to eat more after meals or cut back on your arrival. Just keep in mind that calories are high in fat, so you still have to keep your portion in hand (limited amount).

3. Drink plenty of water:

Studies show that drinking water continuously throughout the day can lead to more active metabolism regardless of dieting. Drinking more water helps to remove waste / toxic substances from your body and improves your overall health.

The daily recommendation for drinking plenty of water is about 2.5liters to 3.2 liters.

This will keep your body clean and hydrated by flushing out all waste and toxic substance out from the body.

You will know that you are drinking enough water when your urine is light yellow or almost clear. If it is darker than the post-it note, drink more.

Drink a glass of water before every meal which will help you to eat in a significant amount.

4. Exercising:

Exercise is one of the best ways to get rid of belly fat fast.

Spot reduction of fat in our body is not possible which means if you are trying to reduce belly fat by only performing the abdominal exercises that will not help you to get your results.

Therefore you should perform various exercises that include whole body workouts such as walking, running, cycling, swimming etc.

Including high-intensity interval exercises for 20-30 minutes in your daily routine is the best way to reduce overall body fat as well as belly fat.

5. Eat more protein and fewer carbs:

Protein is the most important macronutrient that is a long-term strategy to reduce belly fat.

Protein help boosts metabolism by 100 calories per day, reducing cravings by 50% and helping you eat fewer calories per day.

Include lean protein such as chicken, eggs, meat, and fish are the best option for high protein diet and in plant-based protein beans, dairy products, and legumes are the best option though they include high fiber and healthy carbs.

6. Sugar intake:

A high amount of sugar intake creates a harmful effect on metabolic health.

When you eat too much sugar, the liver becomes overloaded with fructose and is forced to turn it into fat.

Many studies have shown that excess sugar, due to a large amount of fructose in it can increase the accumulation of fat in the stomach and liver.

Liquid sugar is even worse consider eliminating the sugary drink completely which includes sugar-sweet drinks, sugary soda, fruit juice (sugar added) and various high-sugar sports drinks.

Limiting sugar intake can help you reduce belly fat fast.

7. Enough sleep:

Enough sleep means doesn’t mean to sleep for 7-8 hours. It’s important to get quality sleep so that when you wake up you feel like rested and start your day energetic.

Bad sleep affects the ghrelin hormones that control appetite. So those who take enough sleep, they eat fewer calories which helps to reduce whole body fat.

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  1. I have a spinal injury, had a disk removed and I’ve been left with physical and nerve pain.

    Exercise is not really an option for me, outside of a little walking.

    I have had success with this though and I’m starting to feel sexy again….

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